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Watch our videos to see what it is like to study Maths at Derby.
Society members and their student colleagues use their phones, iPads and the amazing facilities in the STEM building to bring you snippets from their tutorials. We also interview third years and postgrads about their dissertations and other random and interesting guests. Scroll to the end of this page if you're a student (in any subject) and would like to get involved in this project.


We want to create one hundred Maths videos, and we need your help! If you are studying film, music, media production, writing, journalism, graphic design, photography, theatre or performing arts, please come and help us with our MATHS VIDEO PROJECT - exploring new ways to deliver technical content.
And anyone can STAR in or guest host our videos. Maths students can help you tell a short story on how Maths is used in your studies and voila an unforgettable digital CV asset right there!
We film every Wednesday and can film at short notice. Get involved and give us a call on 07717 396 995 or