Alexandra Mazilu standing in the Union Elections 2020

Hi! My name is Alexandra Mazilu and I am a First-Year student, studying BSc Mathematics and Computer Science. I am currently standing for the role of Part-Time Officer (PTO) in Electronics, Computing and Mathematics.

As stated in my manifesto, one of the changes I would like to make include adapting all computers and laptops in Britannia Mill and Markeaton Street with all the programs needed by students for their assessments. This will make learning easier and more enjoyable.

For example: as a maths and computer science student I use Visual Studio for my programming practice. At the moment this is only available in the computer room on the second floor at Markeaton Street. Of course, sometimes, courses happen in that room or with lots of people using this room it can get noisy. Having these programs available everywhere would be great for students who need a quiet place to work.

In my second manifesto point, I introduced the idea of Saturday buses for students who need to attend important events happening at the main campus, such as Student Ambassador recruitment for example. This is especially important when the weather is bad. Having Saturday buses will make travelling easier, faster and safer.

My last target point is to provide every campus of the university with an idea box where students can anonymously give opinions and provide new ideas for the university and union because the voice of the students is the most important. And your voice must be heard!

Why vote for me? As a mathematics enthusiast, my main goal as PTO is to make sure all the students who share the same enthusiasm get to share their passion with others.

For more information check out my manifesto. And if you like my ideas please vote for me (scroll down to the vote now button, then select the PTO Electronics, Computing and Mathematics post) and also, don’t forget to check out the other candidates. 😊

Thank you for reading, Alex

Voting closes at 1 pm on Friday 6th March 2020.

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