Get with the Programme!: why being a student rep is such a great idea.

The job of a Programme Rep is to ensure that our 'student's voice' is always heard. Mid-February, I was drafted into the role as second 'Programme Rep' for year one mathematics. The original Programme Rep for year one maths, Tim, talked me through the job. after which I was promptly enrolled onto the dedicated online training course. Here, I discovered both the main responsibilities and the many benefits.

My main responsibility is to provide feedback from us, students, to the lecturers and programme leader through the Programme Committee Meetings (PCMs). I had my first PCM last week where Tim and I were able to provide all student feedback and ask a designated team of lecturers at the PCM to respond.

I am happy to report, at the PCM, we achieved some instant results. For example, the timing of year one calculus has been brought back to 5 pm - with immediate effect! Also, module layouts will be changing in the next academic year. These and many other changes discussed will directly affect us and students like us for years to come. It is really empowering as a student to know that the changes we suggested are being implemented. This just goes to show how dedicated the programme team, at the University of Derby, are to our needs and our learning environment.

Being a programme rep is also included on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) when you graduate. Not only that, but it can also be used to gain progress in the futures award, awarded to students who put more into their course and/or union than asked of them.

I seriously recommend becoming a Programme Rep for your year group and course if you can. You can make a real difference to your programme and gain useful recognition on your CV to boot.

Jake Andrews is a first-year, Mathematics student and Programme Representative at the University of Derby.

For more details on becoming a student rep or to find out who the student reps are for your course and year visit

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