Maths in the Library

Did you know that all the Maths books in the library can be found between 5.10 and 5.19. The Derby University Library uses the Dewey Decimal System, a common system used around the world for classifying books in libraries.

The Maths Society interviewed Naomi Bowers-Joseph from the library earlier in the year and she told us about all the resources available to Maths and other students in the Library. The library home page can be found here

In the video Naomi also explains how to search for research papers online, to support references in your coursework, using Library Plus. Below is the section of the video (4.24-6.00) that explains this resource step by step. Use this early in your undergraduate career to make your work really stand out!

The interview offers loads more advice on library services including free training sessions, where to find library subject guides, the online maths certificate and how to get further help.

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