The Final Countdown!

This week was the last week of exams. Now we can all relax for the summer. It's been a strange few months though.

Luckily University of Derby lectures are all recorded and we were already learning via digital whiteboards and videos at the start of the Academic year. The University also already delivers many courses online. The University was therefore able to lever its existing online infrastructure to keep lectures going. And.. we never thought that the skills we learnt on the Maths at Derby video project would suddenly become so relevant. (Thrilled a Mad Unicorn question came up in our Stats exam Ed.)

Nonetheless its been a difficult few months. However well delivered the online experience, it is impossible to replace the camaraderie of poring over text books in the cafeteria or the small talk on the way to lectures. Or, dare I say it, the clandestine scribbled notes shared between students in class.

Spare a thought then for the new CEO of Derby City Council, Paul Simpson, appointed on the 20th March this year, straight into lockdown! On the Derby Chat Show aired on the 22nd May, Mr Simpson echoed similar views for Derby City Centre. He mentioned the many amazing new experiences due to open, such as the Museum of Making, that will be important in attracting people to the City after lockdown.

Mo Suleman, host of the Derby Chat Show, also very kindly gave Derby Maths Students a shout out for finishing their exams with the very appropriate 80s song, The Final Countdown. The first line of the lyrics seem to speak of our sad but necessary premature exit from campus this year: "We're leaving together, but this isn't farewell." The mention of Derby Maths Students is at 1:10:00 ish, but the whole show is worth a listen. Paul Simpson's background and ambitions for Derby is very interesting.. and the whole 80s playlist is perfect (but then I am a mature student!)

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