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The University will pay you three hours work for using your mobile phone to film your day! The footage is needed for a major Vlog project organised by the marketing department. It is intended to help prospective students understand what it is like to study at the University of Derby - especially those from around the world who can't make it to an Open-day.

Watch Uni. Vlogger, Alexander Wood, talk about Societies

If you would like to take part you should email Emily Hanney from Marketing. She will provide you with the details to get started. I've yet to start filming but I've joined up. Getting involved has been quite handy already though because it kills at least two birds with the one stone.

Before I could get started I needed to register with the Student Employment Agency (SEA) and also register on the University Vlog site.

Signing up to the Student Employment Agency

Signing up to the Student Employment Agency was really useful. I hadn't got round to it yet and this was a reason to get it done. It requires you to fill in a few forms about yourself and although a lot of information is required, it's quite quick. The only time consuming and freestyle bit is the 'upload CV' section. The way I did it was to use the 'download resume' option from my Linkedin profile. It's much easier to create a Linkedin profile and edit the resume option than it is to create a CV from Scratch. Plus you get your Linkedin Profile done too, stacking up the quick wins by the minute! I think there might be a requirement to visit the SEA at Kedleston Road to share ID in person etc. but I haven't done that bit yet.

However, joining the agency means that when I've finished my Vlog they'll upload a time-sheet onto my profile on the SEA website and then put the money directly into my bank account. Not only that it means you're already set up to take on any other paid work, say Math's mentoring for one of the outreach projects, helping with Maths hub or one of the positions advertised on the SEA website.

Creating a Vlog

But back to the Vlog project, there are two other things you need to do. Sign a consent form so that the University can use your footage and then sign up to the dedicated University Vlog site itself. There are 4 very short videos to help you get started. But, basically, you just need to upload no more than 5 minutes of footage (in bits if you like) to the dedicated Vlog site. There is absolutely no need to edit (they will compose your Vlog for you). They then upload to the Derby University Youtube channel and hey presto you are a Vlogger. An instant CV bonus if ever there was one!

If you want to check out some examples you can find them on the University of Derby Youtube channel. They're actually quite a fascinating watch in their own right. And as a Vlogger, you wouldn't be alone. As of the date of this article, there are already 62 videos on the channel.

What's the difference between these Vlogs and the Math's video project?

I'm glad you asked :) The Maths at Derby (MaD) video project, like the Vlogs, promote the University. However, the Maths video project is about promoting Maths itself. It is also about experimenting with the different technology and expertise at the University to help communicate Maths. Getting involved with the Maths video project allows you to learn a bit more about how professional videos are made. It also allows you to hone your presentation skills and the experience helps you lose your inhibitions in front of a camera in a studio space alongside tech and media professionals. In this day and age that's a valuable skill and why not learn how to do it in a friendly environment with your peers?

If you want to get involved in the Math's video project (zero experience required) just let me, Natalie Bayfield or any committee member from the Maths Society, know. If you want to create a Vlog drop an email to Emily Hanney. You can do both if you want! :)

Happy Vlogging.

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